ELIJAH 7.19.18 // “OFF-DAYS”

My schedule is so hectic and cluttered that free-days / off-days for me are few and far in between. When they¬†do pop up, it almost feels like a culture shock and I immediately try to fill my day with something that I feel is productive. I’ve been told this isn’t the greatest habit since I never allow myself time to rest but hey,¬†I’m working on it.

Nonetheless. I woke up one morning on what started to be an “off-day” and called Mr. ONE8Y himself to find out that he also had the day off. Being that we both are innately spontaneous, we decided to meet up and do a photoshoot. Within an hour of that phone call, we were both in the heart of Downtown Cleveland and began shooting. Unplanned, no theme, no time limit.

This is the result.

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