As I said last week, my Wednesday posts are dedicated to acknowledging the work of the important women in my life, thus the #WCW tag. Just to save myself from expectations, however, I’m going to say that these posts won’t occur every Wednesday.

Alrighty! With that disclaimer out of the way. Let me introduce you all to my next #WCW



– Pastry Chef / MUA / Content Creator / Blogger (Beauty / Travel / Lifestyle)


instagram.com /officialbrieee


My friendship with Brie is a testament of the day and age we live in because we met via social media back in August of 2012. We were no more than associates for a little while because I had met Brie through a mutual friend. We never spoke more than 3 words outside of group conversations where all three of us were involved until one night, we decided to watch a Michael Jackson concert together via Skype and as the old saying goes, the rest was history.

Brie and I instantly clicked by the likeness of our souls. So much so that we call each other, “Twin.” We finish one another’s sentences daily, and there have been many instances where we experience the exact same circumstances (physical, emotional and situational) despite being on opposite sides of the country; Ohio and Nevada. So I always say that our friendship was arranged by God, Himself.

Having someone who you are able to tell any and everything to without fear of judgement or hearing it again from someone else is extremely important and I believe everyone needs a person like that in their life. Be it a friend, confidant, or counselor, it’s super important for your mental health and I’ll probably expound on that in another blog post sometime soon. Nonetheless, Brie has become that person for me and I, for her. Our relationship is what I accredit a large portion of my emotional healing to.

Ok, sentimental part out of the way, let’s get into this girl’s work!

As aforementioned, she is a woman of many facets. A fairly popular and accomplished Vegas beauty and lifestyle blogger, content creator, makeup artist and the Founder / CEO of Shai’s Bakery. It’s one thing to have more than one skill set but to excel in all of them is why Brie is in a league of her own. If you’re still (foolishly) doubting her though, let’s add on the fact that she accomplishes all of this while being a full-time student majoring in Business (with a concentration on Small Business Administration).

Below are links to three of her most recent blog posts through which you can get a feel of her writing and photography styles.




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