I have decided that I will reserve my Wednesday posts to honor the infamous hashtag, #WCW (WomanCrushWednesday). With this, I will be dedicating posts to some of the amazing women in my life who I not only love, but feel inspired by to be the best version of me possible. Every woman who I feature in this “series” (for lack of a better term) is a dynamic force within their own right from their persona to their drive for striving for nothing short of the best.

With that being said, my first #WCW is…

*drum roll*



– Photographer / Blogger (Lifestyle / Photography / Travel) / Content Creator / Professional Thrifter (lol)





I had met Amarla back in September of 2017 on a professional standpoint; me, the model and her, the photographer. However, little did I know that within that hour of our shoot, a close and very unique friendship would spark.

I am very spiritual so my discernment of the vibes / energy that people emit is top-notch and right away, I felt a connection with Amarla. Her and her fiance, Derrick (who took the role as her assistant that day), immediately eased my initial anxiety of the shoot and made the whole process feel as if I were hanging out casually and just catching up with friends… in the open public of Downtown Cleveland. The two even went as far as staying alongside with me an extra half hour for my ride to arrive and calmed my nerves when a group of older men began catcalling me in the midst of us shooting (*woosah*) which only solidified my good feelings toward them.

From that day forward, Amarla and I went from casually talking about our common love for photography, thrifting and traveling, to becoming one of each other’s dearest friends. As a creative / anyone striving for a better life outside of the norm, it is extremely important to surround yourself with people who are on the same path as you or similar because they:

– help hold you accountable

– help keep you on track

– help motivate you to never give up

Most likely I will turn that very concept into a blog post by itself but nonetheless, Amarla is one of those people for me. She’s my fellow “Girl Boss” and outside of our friendship, I truly admire this girl on a professional basis and look up to her to hopefully be as effortlessly dynamic.

Okay, now that we’ve gotten the sentimental aspect out of the way, let’s jump right into her work. As I briefed in her introduction, she is an accomplished photographer, content creator, blogger, and is probably the only other person who enjoys thrifting as much as I do. As if that weren’t enough, the fact that she does all of this while being a full-time History major should reinforce her as a force to be reckoned with.

Click here to view her online portfolio and let her work speak for itself.

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